Sunday, August 14, 2016

88 years ago today, my Grandma Mehlhaff gave birth to twin boys.  Their names Alvin and Melvin. When they were 6 weeks old she went to heaven, leaving these babies and more children at home from 6 years old and up.  Sometime before this, she was hospitalized and a Christian nurse introduced her to Jesus who she accepted as her Savior.  At the time she passed, my mother was almost 19 years old.  Being the oldest one left at home it became mostly her responsibility to care for these children.  A few years later, she saw an advertisement of a revival at the Nazarene Church in Fessenden, North Dakota.  She says to her sister, Let's go see what they know.  They did and God spoke to her that night and she yielded.  She began attending church there. At that time my dad would give his mother a ride to church and pick her up.  He saw this girl and said, Hmmm  I would like to get to know her, so~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~he began attending church and serving God.  Long story short, they married in 1935 and in 1939 became my parents.  Just a little rambling tonight.