Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 of my GRANDS playing wedding in the garden.
Jared and his sweet friend Kyla.
All my GRAND-daughters doing Sunday dinner dishes.
This Tuesday morning I have decided to blog so some of you can see my GRANDS pictures. I think most of you know that my boy, Brian, and his family have moved to Washington. Of course it breaks this Grampapas hearts, but guess that is life. Anyway this past week end DIL Beth, and the kids came down on business. Sure enjoyed them, but oh, how I missed my boy being with them. Sunday dinner all of the kids, except Brian, were around our dinner table. Also privileged to have Jareds friend, Kyla Loucks to join us. Hopefully there will be a picture on here of them. Also the GRANDGIRLS washed, dried, and put away the dishes! One plus with the Grands growing up LOL. Beth, Nettie, and I did a lot of shopping and eating out. Bruce Ernest & Papa just hung around together and got in a good duck hunt. Jared, of course, spent his time with Kyla.

We had our first frost last night. Papa picked some tomatoes last night so I have those to put up. Somehow I hurt my back so have an excuse not to do that yet, but as soon as the Darvocet I took kicks in, the excuse will have to go.

Sunday afternoon the Grandgirls had fun playing wedding. Be sure to notice the imaginary groom and the imaginary attendants with the girls in the wedding party! :) They had a garden wedding under my morning glory trellis, which also Bruce Ernest helped Papa to put back up. The wind had blown it over. I will have to have my daughter post the pictures now. Thank you, KK. What would I do without you?

Guess that is it for my Braggin' Grampapa Blog for this time!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 36th wedding Anniversary to us! Today the weather is a bit cloudy & chilly, but 36 years ago today, it was just plain HOT~~Bruce & I were married in Nyssa, Oregon, by our pastor, Wayne Aman. My brother & his wife, Dale & Ileta, & Bruces sister & her husband, Sandra & Everett were our attendants. We honeymooned at Alturus Lake & surrounding areas. Now I often joke that I married Bruce because in order to become Brians mother, I had to take Bruce!!!! Bruces first wife had passed away & left a little 2 year old boy also. Brian was 5 when we married. Bruce worked with Wayne Aman & I guess you could say that is how we became acquainted. Rev. Aman was my pastor & Bruce started coming to church & thus we met. God has been very good to us. Along with Brian, we had 2 other children, Dale, who only remained with us for about 2 hours, and Karen Beth, who is married to Rick Bork. They have given us 4 beautiful GRANDgirls! Brian is married to Elisabeth Purdum & they have given us 3 lovely GRANDS., 2 boys and 1 girl. Until a few days ago they also lived close to us, but have recently moved 301 miles away. Needless to say, the Grandparents have broken hearts. It is funny what the GRANDS do to a person!! Funny how all kids have their naughty spells, but GRANDchildren NEVER do. A person just loses whatever sense they had when the GRANDS come along. We are definitely fearfully made. LOL So again, Happy Anniversary to us !!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Blog

All the GRANDS at Easter!
Our Campsite!

So for some reason I have changed blogs!! Thanks KK. Without you I would be nothing! Well, without you & the Lord! (lol) So where do I start this one out?? Maybe the New Year which found us in Rogers, Arkansas at my brothers & his family. That was quite a trip just to celebrate his birthday! A big highlight of that trip was going to Neosho, Mo., and meeting Bruce's cousin, Owen & his wife, Billie. They so kindly showed us around and we got to see where Bruce was born and lived the first four years of his life. We got a very chilly, icy welcome from the southern states, though. Seems it was warmer in Idaho than in the south.!! But we were so thankful to be able to make this trip.

Now we are into summer and having some beautiful days. We were privileged to attend our little 'church camp' at Sage Hen Reservior. Pastor Bork, aka son in law, did an awesome job tending to our souls. Parsonage Queen, aka daughter, did a fantastic job as head cook. We were glad to have everyone who was able to attend. We really enjoyed those days in the Great mountains of Idaho.
Bruce has a nice garden going again this year even though it was a little late getting in. I will be glad when the tomatoes come on and I can get to making salsa again.
Well, now the GRANDS are doing Great. Jared is 18, has a good job at Les Schwab, & has a nice truck. He & I spent the day together recently and Grampapa approves of this truck. lol. Bruce Ernest is 15, and works at Tree Top Ranch. Grampapa thinks it is too hard for a young lad, but then we are the Grandparents, you know. Nettie is soon to be 11, I have been able to have her with me quite often lately and have enjoyed her so much. Now that her mom is home I do miss her coming over. Kayla is 12 and her mothers right hand and her baby sisters 2nd mama. Kalli is going to be 8 this month and has become a good helper right along with her big sister, Kayla. Kalli is tender spirited and quite attached to "mama". Kammy loves to spend time out here with us and often tells me that I love her better than her guys !! LOL My answer, " Yes, I love you best, I love Kayla, Kalli, Kaite, Jared, Bruce Ernest & Nettie best !! Kaite is Kaite, what else can I say? She has had quite a little struggle with her first year of life. She is soooooo cute, though, that it just makes up for all her badness !! :)
Well, if you have enjoyed this little chat, fine, if not, I guess you do not have to read it. LOL
Until next time the Braggin GramPapa is signing off.