Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 36th wedding Anniversary to us! Today the weather is a bit cloudy & chilly, but 36 years ago today, it was just plain HOT~~Bruce & I were married in Nyssa, Oregon, by our pastor, Wayne Aman. My brother & his wife, Dale & Ileta, & Bruces sister & her husband, Sandra & Everett were our attendants. We honeymooned at Alturus Lake & surrounding areas. Now I often joke that I married Bruce because in order to become Brians mother, I had to take Bruce!!!! Bruces first wife had passed away & left a little 2 year old boy also. Brian was 5 when we married. Bruce worked with Wayne Aman & I guess you could say that is how we became acquainted. Rev. Aman was my pastor & Bruce started coming to church & thus we met. God has been very good to us. Along with Brian, we had 2 other children, Dale, who only remained with us for about 2 hours, and Karen Beth, who is married to Rick Bork. They have given us 4 beautiful GRANDgirls! Brian is married to Elisabeth Purdum & they have given us 3 lovely GRANDS., 2 boys and 1 girl. Until a few days ago they also lived close to us, but have recently moved 301 miles away. Needless to say, the Grandparents have broken hearts. It is funny what the GRANDS do to a person!! Funny how all kids have their naughty spells, but GRANDchildren NEVER do. A person just loses whatever sense they had when the GRANDS come along. We are definitely fearfully made. LOL So again, Happy Anniversary to us !!